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PacsoftMMS Brochures

The following PacsoftMMS Brocures are available for you to view and download. In addition, please feel free to request a full brochure pack by contacting Ocean Road.
Passionate about Marina Performance
Find out more about Pacsoft International Ltd and the PacsoftMMS Marina Management Systems.
Marinas 80% more effective with PacsoftMMS  
A survey of USA, Australia, and New Zealand Pacsoft Marina Management Software Users reported significant increases in effectiveness in their Marina Operations as a result of using PacsoftMMS.
PacsoftMMS - General Overview  
Read summary information on the PacsoftMMS and the range of modules available.
PacsoftMMS - Rental Features  
Making a reservation is quick and easy with the Rental and Accouting module—identify available sites by specifying your search criteria (such as date and vessel length), choose a site from the search results, create the invoice and the receipting all in just a few simple clicks...
PacsoftMMS - Accounting  
Accounting is a crucial part of running a business, PacsoftMMS has a range of accounting features to make your accounting process run more efficiently and cost effectively.
PacsoftMMS - Lease/Ownership  
The Lease/Ownership Module provides access to the features relating to long term leasing, or 'ownership' of individual berths/sites.
PacsoftMMS - Service Yard and Haul Out  

The Haul-Out module allows users to quickly make bookings, generate invoices and reports for boat lifting and haul-out services (travel lifts, haul-out slipways, mast cranes, cradles and more). This module also handles associated miscellaneous charges of products and services such as sales of anodes and labour time.

PacsoftMMS - Yacht Club Membership  
The PacsoftMMS Yacht Club Membership Module is designed specifically to aid the membership management of a Marina based Yacht Club. It offers full membership integration between your marina, your various food and beverage facilities, and your accounting and membership processing operations. The result providing centralised management of your yacht club.
PacsoftMMS - PocketMMS  
Finding it difficult to do dock walks, pier checks, make cash sales and record meter reading while you are away from the marina office? Looking for a solution to eliminate the piles of paperwork generated from the process? Pacsoft Pocket MMS is the answer for you..
PacsoftMMS - Optional Features  
In addition to the features offered by the various PacsoftMMS modules, there are a number of optional features available to meet your individual needs and further enhance your marina business.
The Brochures above are in PDF Format - Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat it can be downloaded free by clicking on the link below:

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PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
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PacsoftMMS | PocketMMS
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