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Ocean Road - Pacsoft MMS Services

Ocean Road has provided Consultancy services and implemented IT solutions for Marinas in the UK, the Channel Islands, and Australia. Marinas we have added value to range from less than 100 Berths/Sites to 4,000 Berths/Sites, and include Private Companies as well as Government Organisations; so whether you are a small, medium, or large business we can help you to get the best out of PacsoftMMS. Our PacsoftMMS related services include:
  • Requirements Analysis/Reviews
If you are looking at either replacing an existing Marina Management System, or at the opportunities for implementing a system for the first time, Ocean Road can assist you with defining your business requirements.

Investing time at the start of any Marina Management System project helps with acheiving the best value from your choice in Marina Management System. It ensures your business requirements have been clearly identified and can be fully supported by your chosen system.
  • Implementation Services
  Ocean Road provide implementation services tailored to your requirements. No two Marinas are the same. Every Marina has some unique or special requirements. We will work closely with you to ensure we understand your requirements, and what is special about your business.

We will ensure the PacsoftMMS software is installed and setup correctly, and can liaise with your local IT support company if required regarding installation options.

Ocean Road is also able to provide electronic Data Transfer services to bring across data stored in any existing systems you may have, to assist you to get up and running with PacsoftMMS as quickly as possible.
  • Training Services
  We will provide you with full training services to ensure you fully understand the PacsoftMMS system, and are not only able to obtain the best from PacsoftMMS from day one, but are aware of the range of configuration options to allow you to obtain more from PacsoftMMS as your business develops.

Ocean Road can provide for any ongoing training or refresher requirements, e.g. to cater for new staff joining your business. Such sessions can also be carried out via "Remote Assistance" [via the internet] if necessary, providing quick access to training at minimal cost.

As you would expect, a full help file is also provided with PacsoftMMS as standard, which can be searched upon as required. Of course, Ocean Road is always on hand via our help line if you have a question or query regarding PacsoftMMS.
  • Customisation Services
  Ocean Road's close working relationship with Pacsoft International Ltd means that should you have any special requirements not already catered for, we can action requests for enhancements to be added into the PacsoftMMS software.

Enhancements are always built into PacsoftMMS as a whole, so there is no worry of you using a bespoke solution. You will be using software that is well supported and maintained into the future.

If you have a need to share your PacsoftMMS system data with other stakeholders or wish to view the data in different ways, Ocean Road is able to develop custom reporting solutions and webpages that work on your live data, opening up a world of opportunity for reporting and searching on your operational data stored PacsoftMMS.
  • Support Services
  Ocean Road provide a help line in case you should have any queries or questions regarding PacsoftMMS. In addition we normally recommend the use of Remote Access or Remote Assistance. This allows Ocean Road to look at any issue you may have quickly and deal with it efficiently. This can also be used for short remote training or refresher sessions.
If you have any questions regarding Ocean Road's Services, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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