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Welcome to PacsoftNG - Marina Management System

The PacsoftNG Marina Management System is an easy to use yet powerful marina management system. It streamlines Marina operations enabling maximisation of revenue opportunities. Designed to meet the management needs of the day-to-day operations of Marinas, Boatyards, Drystacks, Harbours, and Yacht Clubs, PacsoftNG efficiently and effectively supports:
  • The management of vessels, berths, and customers.
  • Invoicing reservations.
  • Reporting on operations.
  • Streamlining accounting processes.
  • Smarter businesss decison making.

Simplify Marina Management… ..with Intelligence

PacsoftMMS allows managers and owners to improve their Marina business by saving both time and money through automating and integrating typical daily tasks and processes, serving customers more effectively, maintaining tight control over business processes and performance, and keeping pace with any sized competitor.

Installations of PacsoftMMS and PacsoftNG (the next generation in Marina Management Software Solutions) in Marinas around the globe has enabled Pacsoft to bring ideas from a wide range of marina operations together into a truly successful and highly flexible marina program.

Marinas 80% More Effective with PacsoftMMS

A survey of USA, Australia, and New Zealand Pacsoft Marina Management Software Users reported significant increases in effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Marina Accounting and Audit Control - 86%
  • Marina Staff Productivity and satisfaction - 82%
  • Manangement of the Marina - 80%
  • Responsiveness to Marina Customers - 80%
  • Information for Marina business and operational decison making - 70%.
“MMS has given me the ability to know how each marina is doing quickly, on a daily basis. I am often on the road so being able to pull up the management reports online to check occupancy statistics and the revenues helps me guide our managers in making good decisions. MMS reports show past trends, real time and future projections and have helped us to maximize the utilization of the slips and racks.”
Dennis Kissman (President) - Marina Management Services Inc. - Florida USA

Passionate about Marina Performance

PacsoftMMS is developed by Pacsoft International Ltd (PIL) in New Zealand, a nation passionate about boating and working in boating related industry. PIL have invested 40 man years to date in developing PacsoftMMS and PacsoftNG. Together with representatives in Asia, Australia, the UK, and the USA, PIL work closely with Marina Managers around the world to enure PacsoftMMS assists in improving Marina business performance. PIL's goal at all times is to ensure they maintain the provision of a World Class Marina Management Software Solution with an ongoing commitment to Research and Development. Installed in over 20 Countries around the world, our experience is truly Global. Users of PacsoftMMS are passionate about Marina Performance too:

United Kingdom
"Whilst there were a number of established alternative systems available in the UK, PacsoftMMS was by far the most developed yet flexible software package that we researched."

"..we have no hesitation in recommending PacsoftMMS."

"It's hard to find a product to fit all business [needs], however I believe that Pacsoft are achieving that."

"..we are really happy with the outcome.. Pacsoft is big enough to perform but small enough to listen."

New Zealand
"Staff get introduced to the system, they love it and are in there all the time."

"PacsoftMMS has allowed us to reduce the time taken to do many previously manual tasks, giving us more time to spend with our customers."

US Virgin Islands
"Customer service and safety are the two most important issues for us. With MMS, we are instantly able to see the entire history of previous visits including which slips they have been assigned, utility requirements and any special needs of the owner or captain."

"Since installing the Pacsoft NG system across our trading sites it has enabled us to consolidate our data rather than using stand-alone software in each location. We have made extensive use of the advanced reporting functionality to aid our decision making and to better understand our business. Technical support is a vital element when considering any software and the support we have received from Pacsoft has been excellent."
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