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PacsoftMMS - Rental & Accounting

Use PacsoftMMS to instantly access and analyse current, detailed rental reports across different areas of your rental operation. You can preview, search and print rental booking reports by booking status (confirmed, tentative, cancelled); you can obtain an overview of all expiring rentals, arrivals and departures by a specified date, and available sites for rental. In addition a range of security reports such as the dock walk report showing Berth/Site status in the marina (i.e.who is situated where) are available to help your security staff identify any early/late arrivals or departures and any ‘unexpected’ visitors!
Marina Viewer
The Marina Viewer provides an alternative method of viewing and finding information through a bird's eye view of the Marina's Berths/Sites, displaying rental status of each Berth/Site and providing navigation to detailed information. The Marina Viewer is color coded to make it quick and easy to identify the different status of each Berth/Site.
Occupancy Statistics
PacsoftMMS provides the capability to flexibly analyse your Marina Occupancy levels, both historically and into the future, including ‘efficiency’ when charging on a vessel length basis. Within each graph, users have the ability to evaluate trends, view a tabular report, or export to Excel to manipulate and assist in Management decisions.
Pier Check / Dock Walk
This feature reports the Berth/Site status in the marina (i.e. who is situated where) and provides the facility to 'audit' the occupancy of each Berth/Site on specific dates. Dock Walk Reports can be printed to walk the Dock with, or for historic reporting purposes. With PocketMMS this can all be carried out on a handheld computer (PDA) and uploaded to PacsoftMMS on return to the Marina Office.
Wait List
PacsoftMMS helps you to manage your wait listed customers on ‘first come first serve’ basis. The system maintains a list of people who wish to book a Berth, Property, Car Park space or other services that are currently fully booked.
Point of Sale & Transaction Entry
Produce invoices, receipts, and credit notes for sales of products and services such as fuel sales, Berth/Site accessories, shower and laundry tokens, live-aboard charges, photocopying, phone call charges, emailing and more, and any other item you sell within your business.
Cash Up and Banking
PacsoftMMS provides a cash up and reconciliation process to allow staff to easily balance up all receipts for the day. Once balanced, simply print a bank deposit report to accompany the banking. Cashing up can be carried out by Terminal, by Office, or for the whole Marina.
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PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
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