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PacsoftMMS - Rental & Accounting

Reservations Made Easy
Making a reservation is quick and easy with the PacsoftMMS Rental and Accouting module—identify available sites by specifying your search criteria (such as date and vessel length), choose a site from the search results, create the invoice and the receipting all in just a few simple clicks!

If a customer has decided to shorten, extend, or cancel a booking, PacosftMMS has smart automated invoice/credit note creation capability to simplify the accounting side of it for you - You deal with the booking, PacsoftMMS deals with the Accounting.
Rental Grid
A picture is worth a thousand words. The graphical rental grid provides Marina staff with a quick and clear indication of the ‘gaps’ or availability of berths/sites. This makes it easy for staff to identify available berths/sites and process the booking for the customer accurately - all within a few simple mouse clicks. This can significantly reduce response time to customers and improve customer service levels.
Utility Charging
With PacsoftMMS, you can record and process invoices and receipts for utility charges such as electrical power usage, water, etc. Meter readings from utility meters can be batch-entered and invoiced. Meter Readings can also be imported, or with PocketMMS readings can be collected whilst on the pontoons and uploaded to PacsoftMMS requiring no manual re-entry. Reports are also available to view recorded readings.
Batch Processing
Put your feet up with the PacsoftMMS Batch Processing feature. It eliminates the need for Marina staff to manually process many typical daily tasks, saving you time and reducing employee overhead. Some of the popular batch processing options used include Rental Invoicing, Annual Charge Plan Invoicing, Credit Plan Invoicing, Haul Out/Storage Ashore Invoicing, and Finance Charge on outstanding accounts invoicing.
PacsoftMMS has sub-leasing capability that enables sites (e.g. Wet berths, Mooring, Dry-Stack, etc) to be subleased. Staff can make sub-lease bookings and setup sub-lease agreements so that PacsoftMMS can automatically allocate appropriate portions of the sub-lease rental revenue to the Marina and credit the original renter if descired, saving staff valuable time in handling the processing and accounting of sub-leases.
Quick Query, User Analysis & Mail Merge
Quick Query is a powerful customised reporting tool providing the ability to quickly find and work with data stored in PacsoftMMS. A user-defined Quick Query table shows the data that meets the criteria you specified.

You can create mail merges with this data and send targeted mailings to customers with special offers and send reminders on overdue accounts. You can also export the data to Excel or Access for further manipulation, analysis and reporting. PacsoftMMS allows you to collect a wealth of information about your Marina business and its Customers. Quick Query allows you to access and use that information to your best advantage.

Property Management
Lease management of the Marinas property is a breeze with PacsoftMMS. You can charge Tenants or Occupiers of the Property either on a frequent or ad-hoc basis; set up automated invoicing for Tenants based on your specified frequency for rental, commercial garbage disposal, electricity, water and more. PacsoftMMS enables you to know your property Tenants are charged on time and any outstanding accounts are reported and managed just as efficiently as your Marina Berth/Site rentals.
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PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
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