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PacsoftMMS - PocketMMS

Finding it difficult to do dock walks, pier checks, make cash sales and record meter reading while you are away from the Marina Office? Looking for a solution to eliminate the piles of paperwork generated from the process? Pacsoft Pocket MMS is the answer:

Pocket MMS is a portable extension of PacsoftMMS which allows you to perform key PacsoftMMS functions from a Pocket PC regardless of where you are in the Marina. Pocket MMS is easy to learn and use. Marina and Security staff can easily perform the functions listed below with Pocket MMS. Upon return to the office, information saved on the pocket PC can be uploaded and synchronised with PacsoftMMS for analysis and reporting.

Built on the powerful Microsoft .NET technology using Windows Mobile, you can access key marina information and perform key processes even when you are out on the marina.
Information Availability
Key marina Information can be easily accessed via the Pocket PC while away from the Marina Office including details of Berth/ Sites, Vessels, Customer, as well as Berth occupier date, meter reading records and more.
Have your key marina information on hand at all times. The simple and easy synchronisation process ensures the information is up to date.
Reduced Paperwork
Key marina information can be entered via the Pocket PC as staff work outside in the Marina, the data can then be synchronized and stored back in the office in one centralised database. Say good bye to double entry and piles of paper work with PocketMMS.
Increased Productivity
Utility meter readings, Berth/Site checks, occupancy exceptions and Cash Sales can be accurately and directly entered into PocketMMS while staff are out on the Marina, saving you the time and effort from manual data recording and retrieval.
Improved Customer Service
Impress your customers with that ‘extra’ level of customer service with PocketMMS. Because your staff now have access to Customer, Berth/Site, Vessel and other important information from the pocket PC, they can make Visitor rental bookings, generate invoices and complete Cash Sales quickly and conveniently on the pontoon.
Ticket Printing
With PocketMMS you can also print invoices for casual rentals and cash sales anywhere on the Marina. The header and footer on the ticket can be customized to suit your business requirements.
Online Options
Now with PocketMMS using either wireless networking or GPRS Mobile technology, you can make bookings directly into PocketMMS and update the main PacsoftMMS system. Whether your staff are out on the Marina or in the Marina office your berth availablilty will always be up-to-date mnimising the risk of any double booking.
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PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
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