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PacsoftMMS - PocketMMS

Meter Readings
Record utility meter readings such as electricity usage, fuel, and water whilst out on the Marina with no need for paper or pen, or a dictaphone. If need be you can also generate invoices for these charges at the same time.

Enjoy the time saved by removing the need for manual double entry, by uploading readings to PacsoftMMS on your return to the Marina Office. Invoices can be generated for meter readings at the touch of a button, or you can leave it to PacosftMMS to automatically produce invoices together with any other outstanding transactions during the next batch processing run. Ensure all your meter readings are charged for, and ensure more accurate and reliable data at the same time.
Pier Checks
Record and confirm the status of occupancy whilst doing pier checks and dock walks in the Marina (e.g. Report a vessel in the wrong berth); create and record exceptions (e.g. damaged vessel in a berth). Historic dock walk reports are then available from PacsoftMMS as and when required to assist in operational best practice.
Security Checks
Undertake a Security Check of the Marina using Customer, Vessel, Berth/Site data on PocketMMS; check the arrival/departure of Customers and their vessels with information in your pocket.
Marina Search
Quick access to Customer, Vessel, Berth/Site information while you are out on the Marina. PocketMMS provides a quick reference to the key Marina information and it is especially useful and convenient in the event of emergencies.
Conversion Calculator
A handy tool for Marina staff operating in regions working with multiple currencies. The conversion calculator can quickly perform currency conversion calculations for your foreign visitors on the spot. And the calculator does more than just currencies; It is fully customisable to your requirements such as quick conversions on length, weight, time, and more.
Security Control
Pocket PacsoftMMS offers security control using a pass phrase per Pocket PC. Each Pocket PC device has a unique pass phrase to restrict access to PacsoftMMS. PacsoftMMS requires user login for download and upload of information, user history is recorded enabling managers to track employee access information for security purposes, and verify which member of staff performed which transactions.
Visitor Statistics
With the information gained from processing visitors to the Marina whist on the pontoon, informative statistics are generated on the number of visiting vessels, the revenue earned, the last ports of call, home ports, and the number of passengers on board.
Web Configuration Utility
An easy to use web interface configuration utility allows users to configure and customise the PocketMMS settings in simple steps. Flexible configuration ensure PocketMMS can suit the needs of a range of different operational requirements.
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PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
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