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PacsoftMMS - Service (Repair) Shop

The Service Yard module is based on the Haul Out Module. Users can quote on haul out bookings, quote on customer repair jobs, track costs associated with work in progress, create purchase orders, monitor and control stock level and movement, and add mark-up to stock items. Also provided is powerful job-costing reporting on labour hours, stock usage and purchases.

The Service Yard Module increases productivity and job satisfaction of your Service Yard and workshop operators as jobs are easily recorded so no task ever gets lost. Your staff can respond quickly to customer needs with efficient and personalised service that can turn a single purchase into lasting and profitable customer relationship.
Prepare Quotations
The Service Yard Module helps you to generate quotes for haul out, equipment usage, inventory items, purchases, labour, and other miscellaneous products quickly and accurately, helping you to improve customer response time and service level.
Control Inventory
The PacsoftMMS Service Yard Module provides sophisticated and flexible inventory control tools, helping you to improve your inventory and supplier management, allowing you to negotiate lower purchasing costs by tracking item movement and vendor histories, and add mark up to your stock. It offers detailed information on quantity in stock, units bought and sold, manufacturer, cost. Linking the inventory control with the quoting system, PacsoftMMS notifies you if a stock item required in the job is out when quoting, so you know if you need to order it when a job is accepted. This module can also handle serialised inventory items.
Informative Reporting
The Service Yard contains comprehensive reporting giving you access to a range of useful information at your finger tips. With the Job Costing report, it is easy to see to cost of a job and, crucially, your profit margin on the job. You can create job cards for jobs, and view reports on Work In Progress, Inventory, Purchase orders, or Orders on hold, cancelled, or completed.
Record and Monitor Labour Hours
Use barcodes to add time sheet, invoice ,and job card descriptions to save service staff time from having to type commonly used descriptions. Manage staff with the time sheet entries capability and view by a range of Weekly Time Analysis.
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PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
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