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PacsoftMMS - Haul Out Scheduling and Boat Storage

The Haul-Out module allows users to quickly make bookings, generate invoices and reports for haul-out services (travel lifts, haul-out slipways, mast cranes, cradles and more) in a similar way to creating rental bookings.

This module also handles associated miscellaneous charges of products and services such as sales of anodes and labour charges. The Haul-Out Travel Lift module is suitable for marina’s where haul out bookings are a primary business activity and lifting or equipment are charged on a time basis.
Haul Out Booking Grid
Haul Out & Cradle booking grid enables users to search for available time-slots just as a rental booking in the Rental module. It supports the use of different types of haul-out equipment such as travel lift, forklift, crane and cradles. You can search by one-way or two-way lifts and by date range as required.
Searches for Bookings
Easily find existing bookings by Customer, by Vessel, or by Date and alter, or cancel bookings as customers requirement changes.
Flexible Charges
Charges can be set based on how your Haul Out facility operates, whether it be by lift, by day, by hour etc. Invoice for products and services such as scrubbing time, fitting, sale of anodes, labour charges, paint sales, fuel, power, anti-foul charges, hire of frames, ladders, etc.
Storage Ashore Management
If a vessel stays ashore for a longer or a shorter period of time, PacsoftMMS deals with the Accounting for you, raising the appropriate additional charge, or credit as required. PacsoftMMS allows you to charge for Storage Ashore by Vessel Length, Area, or Volume, providing you flexibility in the way your business charges.
Supports the way you work.
Setup business operating hours and specify Public holidays to help plan your marina Haul Out and Vessel Lifting activities. Create notes that will appear on specified days on the Haul Out Activity Report so that Haul Out Operators can view instructions or notes relating to that day.
Informative Reporting
The Haul Out module provides a range of reports to facilitate the efficient management of your Haul Out/Travel Lift operations. You can create follow up lists for bookings with open return dates, generate Haul Out Activity reports and Work In Progress reports to keep track of all Haul Out activities and performance monitoring.
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PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
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