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City of Miami buys PacsoftMMS Marina Management Software 05/01/2005
City of Miami Marina - Miamarina at Bayside - Miami, Florida, USAThe City of Miami, FL has recently purchased and installed Pacsoft’s Marina Management System 5.0, a comprehensive management system, for the three City-owned and operated municipal marinas. The Marina Management System, which is distributed by Marina Management Services, Inc. (MMS) in the Americas, Caribbean, and Hawaii, is developed by Pacsoft International, Ltd. (PIL) a New Zealand based software development and consulting company.

In Early 2004 the City’s Department of Public Facilities initiated the replacement of their existing marina management software system which was developed and installed by their own IT Department in 1988. “The decision to upgrade the City’s current system was made in order to improve their business processes, accounting and customer service, which is a trend we are seeing in larger ports and municipalities operating multiple marinas,” said Tim Keogh of MMS.

After a lengthy RFP process which included live demonstrations and field visits to actual marinas using different programs, the city narrowed the field to three programs and in the end selected the Pacsoft system as the best on the market. “There was specific criteria that we were looking for which included the capability of supporting multiple marinas, the ability to add additional slips or facilities, the integration with our existing General Ledger program, comprehensive reporting functions, and user friendliness” said Stephen Bogner, Marinas Manager for the City. According to Mr. Bogner, “The entire process took over four months, and when we selected the Marina Management System as the system that best fit our needs we were confident that MMS could deliver what we required.”

Visit the Marina Management Services Inc Website at: www.marinamanagement.com

Visit the City of Miami's Website at: http://www.ci.miami.fl.us/PublicFacilities/Marinas

Visit Pacsoft International Ltd's Website at: www.PacsoftMMS.com
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