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The Old and the New merge at Mylor Yacht Harbour 19/02/2007
Watched by Roger Graffy, owner of Mylor Yacht Harbour, Cora Gollop and Angela Sims acquaint themselves with the new PacsoftMMS Marina Management System.The old and the new have combined in Cornwall, England, with the installation of one of the most advanced software systems on the site of one of the world’s most historic dockyards.

The Marina Management Systems (PacsoftMMS) package created by New Zealand-based Pacsoft goes live on April 1/March 31 at Mylor Yacht Harbour (MYH), whose origins date back over 200 years and which was once the Royal Navy’s smallest dockyard.

MYH has undergone a major redevelopment programme over the past ten years following its acquisition by present owner Roger Graffy, whose visionary changes have doubled the site’s workforce to its present level of 120.

Now MYH is gearing up for further growth with the aid of the PacsoftMMS investment, including a revamped web site (www.mylor.com), and six months in the planning, implementation and training.

Mr Graffy reflected: “We needed a product able to cope with the flexibility of our operations across the entire spectrum of our activities. It needed to cope with the significant growth of the company, while seamlessly replacing the five different systems we have had in place.”

He cited the key criteria:
  • Adaptability to meet the needs of the business
  • Elimination of numerous systems previously in place
  • Ability to show and make economic savings
  • Provision for excellent dissemination of information for marketing purposes
  • Good return on investment
  • Production of real time management information for decision-makers
  • Excellent back-up
  • Ability to integrate within web-based activities.
The major MYH redevelopment of recent years has led to the present bustling multi-activity operation.

This has included a new marina, the doubling of lay-up capacity, substantially increased car parking facilities, along with heavy investment in new equipment and services.

Pacsoft International and its UK agent, Ocean Road, visited Mylor and carried out a thorough review of its operations, detailing their findings in the form of a PPS (Pacsoft Professional Services) audit, including complete systems analysis.

The PacsoftMMS product was also able to be modified to fit into the areas of the business where it was not currently able to cover, such as accommodation bookings.

Mr Graffy commented: “Any product that can manage the vast diversity of our activities and eliminate significant chunks of time and effort involved in maintaining them has to be good.

“This will now allow our staff to deliver more time and effort to the satisfaction of our customers rather than our systems. Thus far, they have done exactly what they said on the tin!”

Ocean Road/Pacsoft International have a strong track record of providing consultancy services and have implemented IT solutions for marinas in the UK, Channel Islands, USA, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. They have added value to marinas ranging from fewer than 100 berths/sites to 4,000 berths/sites.

The Mylor concern last year celebrated the 200th anniversary of the start of dockyard activity on its site.

The first phase of construction, completed in 1806 after the Admiralty had acquired the valley a year earlier, involved the pier, storehouses, reservoir, sale stores and smithy. After the Second World War, the dockyard gradually evolved into a commercial yachting and leisure facility.

Visit the Mylor Yacht Harbour Website at: www.Mylor.com
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