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PacsoftMMS - Leasing/Ownership Management

Catering for long term leasing, or 'ownership' of individual berths/sites, the Lease/Ownership Module provides effective management of sales and transfers of Berth/Site leases. Create lease/ownership agreements which automatically credit owners a share of the ‘Rental Revenue’. Manage details of owners and occupying vessel as well as expenses and other annual charges which can be automatically calculated and invoiced to the individual owners.
Lease/Ownership Agreements
The Lease/Ownership module can help you manage sale and transfer of ownerships agreements. You can set up automated Ownership Agreements to be created from within PacsoftMMS and print these for customers as required.
Register sites for sale
PacosftMMS provides the ability to register Berths/Sites for sale and view those registered for sale. You can print reports on Berths/Sites available for rental for your own use and for distribution to Brokers to sell.
Rental Management
Rental Management Agreements allow you to register leased or owned Berths/Sites for rental and provides the ability to set up credit plans for customers easily. Set up commissions for your Marina for the rental management services you provide using Credit Plans.
Rental Pooling
Rental Pooling is a method of distributing rental revenue collected for a pool/group of Berths/Sites to the owners based on the number of days they have made their Berth/Site available for rental during a given period. The Rental Pooling feature will create rental credits to berth/site owners from invoiced rentals based on a pre-specified commission percentage of the rental revenue.
Ownership Types
Lease/ownership can be set up quickly, and tailored to meet the specific needs of your Marina business. You can specify the type of berth/site ownership - purchase or lease, set up annual charges, credit plans details, transfer fees and maintenance fees.
Payment Calculator
You can set up payment plans with the smart Payment Calculator for customers purchasing Berths/Sites and define payment options for their purchase such as a lump sum payment or flexible payments over a period of time.
Enjoy the time saved with batch processing for automatic invoicing of due invoices, and automate ‘Overnight’ processing runs, plus Payment Plan Invoicing, Transfer Fee, Annual Charge processing, Credit Plan processing and Rental Pool Invoicing.
The Lease/Ownership module reports provide quick access to key information to help you maintain tight control of your leasing operation cost effectively. These reports include Annual Charge Plan Summary, Customer Credit Plans report, Owners Living Aboard report, Conflicting Private Rentals, Owner Vessels, [Berths]/Sites Listed for Sale, and a range of Rental Pooling reports for Marinas that use Rental Pooling as a method for distributing their rental revenue collected.
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PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS Marina Management System
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
PacsoftMMS | Marina Management Software
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